An ADD Woman ( was originally founded and started by Brenda Nicholson in early 2000’s. In an effort to help women with ADHD/ADD, Brenda spent much time creating content around things to help her audience. Below is an account and bio written by Brenda while she was previously the main writer and founder of all content inside

In 2018, Brenda sold anADDwoman to Lacy Estelle, of Lacy was already writing to a primarily ADHD audience of mothers and women on her original blog, Mothering the Storm with Lacy Estelle. In hopes that her current audience would benefit from Lacy’s information about ADHD, she passed the torch.

About Brenda Nicholson

The following Bio about Brenda was written by Brenda when she was still the primary writer of AnADDWoman.

Hi! I’m Brenda Nicholson – a blogger, passionate planner, and An ADD Woman.

I first found out I had ADHD at the age of 42, while I was getting my oldest, Sarah, diagnosed for learning disabilities. Turned out she had both LD and ADHD; they often occur together.

Brenda Nicholson
Brenda Nicholson, original writer for An ADD Woman

But that wasn’t my first experience with ADHD.

When my son, Andy (16 months younger than Sarah) was just a toddler, I could tell there was something different about him that went far beyond personality differences. That was around 1986-87.

I’ve been studying ADHD ever since.

ADHD and Keeping House

I found out shortly after I got married that I wasn’t very good at housekeeping, even though I wanted to be. But somehow, my house was always a wreck, especially after we had kids.

I tried everything, but nothing stuck. Not even Flylady.

Then one day I found a book: Sidetracked Home Executives, and it changed my life!

I was organized for the first time in my life!

By that time I had 3 kids under the age of 5, but my house was beyond organized and clean. I was so proud when my parents came to visit!

(Trying) to Save the World

I always told my girls (Caitlin was born 3 years after Andy) that you can’t save the world, but we’ve all tried – and probably still do.

I started this blog to help other women like me – with ADHD – figure life out, understand their symptoms, and just have a better life.

In 2000, I finished my requirements and became an ADD Coach.

Shortly after, I initiated and helped start a Coaching Program for the ADD students at Schoolcraft College, where I worked in Learning Assistance. It was fully funded – half by the state, and half by the college. And it was a success!

I was really proud of that!

Some of Brenda’s Accomplishments for An ADD Woman

So What Now? Where is An ADD Woman Headed?

When Brenda first sold An ADD Woman to Lacy, Lacy did what ever other ADHD woman does; she procrastinated and put off figuring out what she would do with anADDwoman. But in 2020 Lacy decided to finally use AnADDWoman to serve a new, but still relevant purpose. A Podcast. The new An ADD Woman Podcast will still use as it’s primary URL to interact with it’s audience. But it will still maintain archives of Brenda’s original written work, still allowing other women to come to this site and read her content. While also publishing new content in the form of Show notes that relate to each Podcast episode.

What values does An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle Hold?

In AnADDWoman podcast, Lacy Estelle does not shy away from elaborating on her Faith and the role it plays in her life, and also in her relationships. She is a Christian, and holds primarily fundamental Christian values. She also feels it important to distinguish this fact given her Christianity is the foundation of her Identity as a woman, wife and mother. And since the things affecting those roles in her AD[H]D life, her faith is bound to come up, quite often. So what does that mean as a listener?

An ADD Woman’s Mission Statement

To help women with ADHD learn to manage their symptoms and everyday life more effectively by providing: