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Text Reminder Messages

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Edited 5/7/19: Most of you signed up via text, so I have added the weekly planning form here.

Need a Reminder?

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You’ve got one!

Or at least, you can get one.

One of the things that my subscribers have requested is a text message reminding them of what they have to do that day.

What I Can Offer

I had visions of personalized messages, and coaching tips to go with them, but right now that’s more than I can do.

I know that would give you the most help and an affordable alternative to coaching.

But right now, given the program that I have to use – it’s designed for teachers to contact their students or their parents – I’m not sure how much I can do with it.

I know I can include files, so maybe I can come up with a program based on that.

Right now, here’s the deal:

One message each evening – Sunday through Thursday, simply reminding you to check your plans for the week and make changes where needed.

In addition, you get access to a weekly planning sheet that you can use, in case you find that easier to use instead of or with your planner.

It’s a free service from my end. You may pay fees to your cell phone provider, depending on your plan.

If, in the event that I can come up with a fuller plan, there will be a monthly charge.


The sign up form is on the right hand side, below the sign up for my newsletter.

Note that signing up for this service does not sign you up for my newsletter.

I ask for your email address so that I can send you the weekly planning sheet, and so that I can contact you in case I have a need to do so.

The service is called Remind, and since it is a school based system, it may ask if you are a student or parent. Either answer is acceptable.

Time Frame

I do have to enter your information manually into the system once I receive it, but you should be getting messages within a day or two of signing up. Note that messages go out Sunday – Thursday evenings, so if you sign up on a weekend, you may not get anything right away.

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