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Plan A, Plan B

No one ever calls it “Plan A”; it’s just the plan, the way things are supposed to go. Plan B, if you have one, is your backup plan.

But you need a Plan B, for everything, because you have ADHD.

And I don’t mean because your original plan isn’t good enough, or because it will fail.

It may succeed. It may do so beautifully. And you can spend weeks and months just coasting along on the perfection of Plan A.

Until one day, when Plan A isn’t so new and shiny anymore.

It’s still the same plan. It hasn’t changed.

But you have.

What Changed?

You. You changed.

You got bored. Those of us with ADHD get bored a lot. Quite easily, in fact.

We’re always chasing the newest, shiniest object. And sometimes when we get it, it’s not as new or as shiny as we thought.

Or maybe it is; until it isn’t anymore. At least, not to us. Remember, we have trouble paying attention, so something has to work very hard to not only catch our attention, but keep it.

That’s why we need a Plan B.

Plan B to the Rescue

Plan B, in our case, it not a backup plan so much as just an alternative plan.

Here’s how it works: let’s say you just got this shiny new planner. It’s colorful and pretty and it inspires you to write down everything. You feel so in control and in charge of your life for once.

So you use this pretty planner, and your life is going along smoothly, until one day, you just don’t write something down.

It’s that planner. It’s too big, or the spaces to write are too small, or something.

And then, someone tells you about this cool app they’ve been using. It works for everything! A calendar, reminders, a to do list! It’s perfect.

That app (because you will download it) is your Plan B.

Why Does Plan B Work?

Because Plan B is your next new and shiny!

You see, it’s not your “backup”, it’s not any less than, or inferior to Plan A. It’s just different. And that’s why it works.

But here’s the cool thing about Plans A and B: they can be interchangeable! You can flip back and forth between them, as long as they work. Maybe you have to make a minor adjustment here and there, but once you realize what’s going on, you’ve got it made!

Can This Work in Real Life?

So now you know a few things about yourself that maybe you didn’t know before:

  • You’re easily bored
  • You’re always looking for something new and interesting
  • You can make this work in your favor with an adjustment every now and then

How can you take these facts and apply them in real life, so that you’re not constantly looking for the next thing?

Because, let’s face it: at some point, always looking for the newest, shiniest thing gets old.

This can work. Let me show you how.

My Plan B

There are some things in everyone’s life that we just have to do, things like keeping an orderly space, finding acceptable clothes to wear, keeping track of what we have to do and when.

There are more, of course, but you get the idea.

Let’s talk about that orderly space: specifically keeping the house clean.

It has to be done, whether you like it or not. So how do you find and keep the motivation to do it?

Some of you are aware of my “Chaos to Clean” system of cleaning house, and while it works, sometimes, even for me, it just doesn’t.

I need motivation; different motivation.

And I’ve found that I love reading about home keeping.

Books about organizing, keeping a home, cleaning routines. I even have a book about how the state of your home reflects the state of your mind.

So once in a while, I’ll pick up one of those books and begin to read.

And I get motivated! And my house gets cleaned!

Now It’s Your Turn

Think about something in your life that could use a little motivation. (Why does cleaning the house come to mind?)

Do you have a plan now that’s beginning to lose it’s appeal?

Or maybe you used to have a system that worked really well, but somehow you stopped doing it.

Whatever. Go to Pinterest, check out some books or blogs or magazines. Instagram is another great place to check out beautiful, clean homes.

Maybe one of those will inspire you.

Find some inspiration, and get started.

And while your Plan A is working beautifully, start looking for Plan B.


Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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