5 Ways to Lower Your Stress Level

As ADD women, we are familiar with stress. I think most women are, but when you add in ADHD, it seems to multiply it's effect. Add some anxiety and overwhelm in there for good measure - thank you ADHD - and it's easy to see why we are feeling so tense. Now before I get to my 5 ways of easing … [Read more...]

Mental Health: Some Shocking Information

Thanks to Best Counseling Degrees for creating this graphic and sharing it. Brought to you by: BestCounselingDegrees.net … [Read more...]

Why It’s OK to Waste Time Now and Then

Note: I feel like I talk about myself too much in this blog, but at the same time, I relay my experiences and hopefully how I solved them so that you can relate and solve your own problems. Do I talk too much about me? Please let me know  in the comments. Do you remember this children's book … [Read more...]