About An ADD Woman

ADD Moms started back in April of 2007 as an expression of my desire to reach out and help women like me, who found out late in life that they had Attention Deficit Disorder and didn’t know where to turn next.

I realized some years later that the name “ADD Moms” was not particularly descriptive of my audience – while some of us may be moms, we no longer define ourselves in such a manner. ADD Moms was changed to An ADD Woman in 2014. It took me 7 years because as the blog grew, it attracted more and more attention.

I was afraid that changing the name would put me in the position of starting over but that has not been the case.

Me 🙂

My name is Brenda Nicholson and I was diagnosed at age 42 when I took my oldest daughter in for an evaluation for a learning disability.

I actually started learning about ADHD back around 1986 when I noticed the differences between my son Andy and my daughter Sarah. They went way beyond personality differences and through trial and error, reading a lot of books, and talking to anyone willing to listen, I decided he had ADHD. And it was his dad’s doing.

Andy was diagnosed at age 11, Sarah at 12, and Caitlin at age 13.

I’ve been an ADD coach since 2000 and have worked with many women and young adults in that time period.

I believe that it is possible to live a full life with ADHD and I am living proof. It starts with understanding your ADHD, learning to speak softly to yourself, and taking good care of you.

All of which will raise your self esteem and allow you to be the fierce amazing woman that you are.

There is plenty here to read and some resources available for you as well.

Please contact me at brenda@anaddwoman.com if you have any questions.