AD/HD Communication Gaps

I had an experience yesterday that challenged not only the way I think but how I do certain things. I was learning something new, and having a hard time. I was frustrated and feeling stupid. So much so that at one point I actually felt the need to point out that I really was a […]

Your To-Do List for Today

Just 2 things… Find a way to recognize your AD/HD kid’s intelligence today regardless of what else is going on. Sometimes they need that. Spend 15 minutes today trying to learn something that you find challenging or frustrating. Try asking the IT guy to explain something to you, or do some of your kid’s homework. […]

Exciting AD/HD News

I have some exciting news for all of us in the AD/HD community, and especially for those of you who live in WASHINGTON state. A new website is on the horizon, and it comes courtesy of the people who make Focalin XR, an ADD medication. The purpose of the site is to share a series […]