Welcome to ADD Moms!

I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Brenda Nicholson, and ADD Moms is my site. I am an ADHD Coach and an ADD mom. For me, that means that I have ADHD and so do all of my kids – Sarah 25, Andy 24, and Caitlin 21. My husband Mark has ADD, too. This […]

Cool Resource for Getting Organized

Lately I’ve been on a big organizing kick – clearing out cupboards and closets and getting rid of clutter. Part of the inspiration, I’m sure, is the spring like weather we’ve been having lately. There’s another reason, though, that’s a little more stressful. Most of you know that my husband is laid off (he works […]

Chunk Your Day: Time Management for ADHD

Time management is something that those of us with ADHD really struggle with. Time is a fluid concept for us; an hour is either long or short, depending on what we’re doing. I find it impossible to grasp the idea that others experience each and every hour as having the same length. Using the concept […]

Adult ADHD

I found an interesting article today on Canada.com about adult ADHD. Although I don’t consider ADHD to be “debilitating”, the article is a good one just the same. Check it out here.

Transitions, Structure, and ADHD

I’ve often written about how children with ADHD have a difficult time with transitions, and how they benefit from having some structure in their lives. The same is true when you are an adult with ADHD. We need structure in our lives, too, and we have a hard time making transitions. (Don’t think so? How […]

ADD Moms Survey

You know, the reason that I became an ADD Coach and created this blog is because I truly love to help people. Lately, though, I get the feeling that I’m not succeeding so much. Maybe it’s just me and my depression, but maybe not. In any case, it never hurts to ask. So I’m asking. […]