The Zen of ADHD

In my continuing series about alternative treatments for ADHD, we’ve talked about things like diet, vitamins and herbs. There are, however, other therapies that can have a positive effect on ADHD symptoms. I call these the Zen of ADHD, because they are about quieting the mind and focusing. Meditation is an excellent practice to develop […]

Vitamins: The List

Whenever I write a new post, I always Twitter about it to let my Twitter friends know. The other day when I tweeted about Vitamins and ADHD, I got a message from someone on Twitter who said it was “vague”. OK, that’s fair. I appreciate constructive criticism, because it helps me do my job better. […]

Vitamins and ADHD

Everybody knows how important vitamins are, right? And I bet you think that if you’re eating a fairly healthy diet, you’re doing OK as far as vitamins go. Maybe you even take a vitamin daily. Dr. Ray D. Strand, MD, on his website has this to say: For years I told my patients they could […]

Herbs, Vitamins, and ADHD

The entire subject of diet, nutrition, vitamins, herbs and supplements that could be useful in managing ADHD symptoms is huge. It could fill a book. OK, it did fill a book – mine – and because I’m a little bit lazy today (it’s been a busy one), I’m going to give you a couple of […]

Diet, Nutrition, and ADHD

For the past few days, we’ve been exploring alternatives to treating ADHD symptoms besides prescription medications. Today I’m going to give you an overview of diets and supplements. I’ll continue next time with herbs and vitamins. Many doctors will tell you that what you eat or don’t eat or the supplements you take will not […]

Alternative Therapies for ADHD

Many people, including parents of ADHD children, prefer to use alternative therapies for treating ADHD rather than prescription medication. There are a lot of options out there; some might work and some might not. Even if you or your child take medications for ADHD, many of the treatments available can enhance the effect. Here is […]