Making the Most of Your Time

Time management is one of the things that people with ADHD struggle with. There always seems to be either too little of it or too much, depending on what you’re doing. Not only that, but we’re also challenged when it comes to estimating time. Somehow our internal clock or whatever it is that makes sense […]

Technology and ADHD

Are you a technology geek? I know I am. I think I would have been drawn to all those cool electronic gadgets even if I didn’t have ADHD, but as it turns out, having ADHD is almost justification for buying them. We can use all the advantages of technology to help us manage our Attention […]

Meet an ADD Mom

Mabel Fox does not have ADHD, but she does have 2 sons who do. That makes her an ADD Mom in my book. I first found out about Ms. Fox through an article in the Detroit Free Press when they published an article about her on Mother’s Day. One of the most important things in […]

Happy Mothers Day

Just wanted to wish all ADD Moms a Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy it!

Hormones and ADHD

Did you know that hormones can have an effect on ADHD? Changes in hormonal levels at any stage of life can affect your ADHD symptoms, almost always making them worse. Studies on teens with ADHD showed that ADHD medications often stopped working with the onset of puberty, or at least became less effective in treating […]

Are You An ADDiva?

Linda Roggli, an ADD Coach and ADD Diva #1, has a site called ADDiva – that’s ADD Diva. It’s dedicated to “ADDish women”, especially those over 40. Linda says that often women are diagnosed with ADHD later in life, especially when menopause joins the party. Linda has a wonderful view on ADHD, never taking anything […]