Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 3

Grains and Dairy Products Grains are an important component in a balanced diet; however, they can present a problem when it comes to Attention Deficit Disorder. More specifically, the gluten contained in many grains is thought to aggravate ADHD symptoms. Gluten and casein (found in dairy products) are the latest “suspects’ when it comes to […]

Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 2

Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables are, of course, a healthful part of any diet, including The Med Free with ADD program. Fruits and vegetables add fiber, color, and nutrition to a meal, as well as taste, and all for very few calories. The current USDA requirements are 5 servings a day of fruits and […]

Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 1

Several years ago I put together a program that is designed to help you manage your ADHD symptoms naturally, without the use of medications. (Those of you who use medications can supplement them with this program as well.) Today is Part 1 in a series about managing ADHD naturally. In this series, I will be […]