4 Appointments You Should Never Miss

As an ADD Mom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overbooked. It’s easier to do for others than ourselves. And it’s one thing to think about making an appointment and another to actually do it. Here are 4 appointments you need to make now. And if you already have, congrats. 1. An appointment with yourself […]

Hectic Holidays with ADHD

Target aired it’s first holiday commercial a week or so ago. The Christmas decorations have been in the store for even longer. And if you are organized enough to be doing your holiday cards, the Post Office has Christmas and other holiday stamps for sale already. Everybody is crazy busy around the holidays, whether you […]

Losing Weight with ADHD

Recently Shelley from The House of Smiths wrote a post about how her ADHD affects her attempts at losing weight. Here’s what she said: I had my hormones tested, got my thyroid checked out, found out I had a very minor pituitary gland issue and was even diagnosed with ADD; one of the BIGGEST reasons […]

Time Management Personality Types

I found this great article by Susan Ward on Time Management Personality Types at About.com Small Business Canada. In the article Ms. Ward describes 5 different time management personality types: the Fireman, the over committer, the Aquarian, the Chatty Kathy and the perfectionist. You’ll have to read the article to find out which type you […]

The Best Laid Plans

I started this month intending to post every day. I was doing that until yesterday. Yesterday I had a special event that I had been planning for a month. I was going to do a 5K for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society. I did the fund raising and met my goal of $100. This Light […]

Supplementing Your ADHD

Whether or not you take medication for your Attention Deficit Disorder, you can benefit from natural methods to treat your symptoms. Some are basic, like getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet rich in lean protein. There are also vitamin and mineral supplements that may help your ADHD symptoms. Here are 4 you might […]