Do You Have a Backup Plan?

In order for us to run our lives as smoothly as possible, we need a lot of things. Two of them are a plan and a backup plan. In order to get yourself (or anyone else) out the door in the morning, you need a plan. You plan to get up on time, take a […]

Making Sense of Madness

This post was inspired by my daughter Sarah and her family, but really I think many of us can relate. I got a text from Sarah the other day talking about how stressed out she is. She is working full time plus overtime, her husband is on midnights, they are moving into their first house, […]

100 Days to Christmas! Gasp!

First of all, relax. It’s a little more than 100 days to Christmas. That begins September 16. 😉 No, what I’m talking about is today’s release of this years Christmas planning ebook from Jennifer at ListPlanit. If you hop over there NOW and buy it today, you get it for FIVE DOLLARS. Imagine being totally […]

How ADHD Affects Your Weight, Part 3

Weight loss, ADHD an add woman

Last time we talked about how poor self regulatory skills and poor self awareness can affect your weight. Emotions and Your Weight Today’s topic is how your emotions can have an affect on your weight.   I probably don’t need to tell you that many of us reach for food when we’re bored, upset, or […]

How ADHD Affects Your Weight, Part 2

ADHD Weight, Part 2 an ADD woman

  Last time we talked about how cognitive functioning can affect your attempts at weight loss. Self Regulation and Weight This time, we are going to talk about self regulation and how that affects your weight. I can hear you thinking, you know. 😉 You’re thinking that if you didn’t have such poor self regulation […]

How ADHD Affects Your Weight, Part 1

ADD, ADHD, weight loss, an add woman

Note: Our conversation about weight and ADHD will take place over a few days this week. There really is too much to cover in one post. Weight and ADHD One of the lectures that I attended at the ADDA conference was about weight and ADHD. It was led by Dr. Roberto Olivardia, a clinical psychologist […]