Why It’s OK to Waste Time Now and Then

Note: I feel like I talk about myself too much in this blog, but at the same time, I relay my experiences and hopefully how I solved them so that you can relate and solve your own problems. Do I talk too much about me? Please let me know  in the comments. Do you remember […]

Procrastination, Fear, and a Goldendoodle

In my webinar, Lesson 1 of my new coaching program, A New Woman, I talked about how procrastination comes from fear. Maybe you’re afraid to start because you don’t know how to do something, or maybe you’re afraid that you won’t do it well enough. Meet Lizzie, the Goldendoodle. Lizzie needs to see the groomer. […]

MitoQ: A Review

Note: I was given a bottle of MitoQ 5 mg Targeted Antioxidant Capsules in order to review them for this article. The opinions are mine and have not been influenced by this. CoQ10 and MitoQ As noted above, I was given a bottle of MitoQ in order to try it and review it for you. […]

Warning! Warning!

Use timers and other methods to warn you ahead of time of upcoming events

    Warning! A Heads Up Do you remember the robot from Lost in Space? He was always saying “Warning, warning! Danger Will Robinson!”. It’s OK if you don’t. I am dating myself here. ) When my kids were little, we measured time either by TV shows (don’t judge me) or by time specific terms […]

5 Ways to Organize Your Bills

Can you believe that I had to try and make my bill area look messy for this post? Crazy. It usually looks much worse, but I had just recently tidied it up. I guess a more accurate title for this article would have been “5 Ways to Organize Your Mail” or your papers. Anyway, here […]

The Planner Chronicles Updated

So the planner chronicles continue. Last time I talked about my planner, I had decided to go with a Martha Stewart Arc planner in a pretty turquoise color. I love that planner. It’s colorful and cute and just the right size. Plus I can add pages as needed or take them out. I like that […]