5 Strategies for Thriving in College While Dealing With ADHD

5 Strategies for Thriving in College While Dealing With ADHD

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College life offers a world of excitement, growth, and opportunities. However, for women dealing with ADHD, it can present a unique set of challenges. In my life, I have often felt overwhelmed, distracted, and sometimes even defeated while trying to tackle all of life’s challenges.

But over time, I learned that thriving in college with ADHD isn’t impossible. Today, I will share five strategies for thriving in college while dealing with ADHD. These strategies have helped me navigate my academic studies with ease and confidence.

Focus on Subjects You Love

My college journey became smoother when I chose courses that piqued my interest. Choosing interesting classes has helped with my attention span and made studying feel like less of a chore. You will naturally feel more engaged by prioritizing subjects you love, and your ADHD will become less of a hurdle.

If you fantasize about becoming an engineer, consider taking a class on aerospace engineering. You may enjoy learning some little-known facts about the subject and find a whole new career path!

Follow the Two-Minute Rule

Procrastination is a common adversary for everyone, especially for people with ADHD. To combat procrastination, I started adopting the two-minute rule into my daily routine. If something takes less than two minutes, I do it right away. Whether it’s replying to an email or jotting down assignment details, addressing tasks immediately prevents them from piling up and overwhelming you later.

Switch Up Your Study Routine

Studying in the same place at the same time can become monotonous. I found that changing my study environment and incorporating different methods, such as flashcards one day and group discussions the next, helped me better retain information. Moreover, taking regular breaks and participating in a mix of activities keeps the brain active and engaged, a must for anyone trying to manage their ADHD symptoms.

Focus on Building Habits Over Results

Setting mammoth goals can sometimes backfire. Instead of focusing on the outcome, like getting an A in every subject, I focused on building consistent habits. Setting aside specific times for studying or joining a study group are important strategies for thriving in college while dealing with ADHD. Over time, these habits naturally helped me achieve better results.

Manage Your Medications

For those who take medications for ADHD, you must keep track of dosage and timings. In college, amidst assignments and social activities, I sometimes forget to take my medication consistently. So, I set reminders on my phone and kept a medication journal. I also vowed to consult my doctor regularly to ensure I took the right dosage.

To all the women with ADHD heading to or already in college, remember that it’s a journey, and like me, you’ll find strategies that work best for you. The tips I shared above are just a starting point. Embrace your unique strengths, and you will find that college is an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

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