ADHD: Beyond Medication

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You and your ADHD do not exist in a vacuum. Just like almost everything else in your life, your ADHD is affected by all kinds of other factors like diet, exercise, sleep, stress level and more.

Whether or not you choose to take medication to help you with your ADHD symptoms, you can also do other things to help manage it.

In general, a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle will help keep your ADHD symptoms under control. A healthy diet that emphasizes lean protein will help, as will maintaining adequate hydration throughout the day.

Exercise is great for clearing the mind. Some studies have shown that the benefits from exercise can last as long as 24 hours.

A good night’s sleep is another key factor in managing ADHD symptoms. Getting enough sleep – as many hours as you personally need – can make all the difference in your day. Be sure to count time spent sleeping, not time spent in bed. ADDers often have trouble getting to sleep – or going to bed, for that matter.

Another part of your healthy routine might include vitamins. A good multivitamin might be all that you need, or you could choose to supplement with specific vitamins. Vitamin D is good if depression is part of your ADHD, and a combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 can help with inattention.

Stress relievers like yoga, meditation, and music can also help minimize ADHD symptoms. There is a great list of 25 stress relievers from Elizabeth Scott, MS, on Check it out here.

Remember, taking care of yourself has a lot of benefits, including helping you manage your ADHD.

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