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Since October is ADHD Awareness month, I thought I would share some resources that you might be interested in.

ADHD Awareness Expo

Last year’s ADHD Awareness Expo attracted a great variety of service providers, authors, coaches, organizations and ADHD professionals who exhibited as well as thousands of attendees looking to connect with them. This year’s Expo promises to be even better! Find out more here.

Attention Talk Radio

Attention Talk Radio is Jeff Copper’s weekly radio broadcast talking about a variety of subjects related to ADHD. There are lots of on demand episodes, including one on ADHD Awareness Month.

The Attention Deficit Disorder Association is featuring a series of audio recordings on such subjects as Adult ADHD, Finances and ADHD, and more. Sign up for all four audios here.

ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude magazine has a great selection of resources for ADHD Awareness Month. You can access them here.

I would love to see you all take advantage of at least one of these resources and maybe leave a comment about something new that you learned. Or even better – share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Helping Children with ADHD and ASD Sleep

Don’t be fooled by the title; this article has good tips for adults who have trouble sleeping too.

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