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I was contacted recently by Ashley Senn, a school psychologist and graduate student at Walden University. She is in the process of earning her PhD and would like your help collecting research data regarding communication between parents of ADHD children and physicians as it pertains to non-pharmaceutical treatment options.

I know that many of you would be interested in alternative treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder, and I hope that you will take a few minutes to complete Ashley’s survey. Please see the rest of this post for details.

I’m conducting a research study in the process of earning my PhD and I really need some parents of ADHD/ADD children to help me out. I’m collecting research data and need some parents to volunteer fifteen minutes of their time to help me meet my lifelong goal of a PhD degree.

This study will examine factors that lead to communication between parents and physicians regarding nonpharmeceutical treatments for ADHD/ADD. Your participation in my study will consist of completing a short, simple online survey found at www.adhdsurvey. com .

I am actively seeking parents who are interested in complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of ADHD/ADD.

All parents are encouraged to participate regardless of whether your child is being treated by prescription medication.

Your participation in my survey at www.adhdsurvey. com may help treatment providers understand the needs of parents of ADHD/ADD children regarding communication about alternative treatments for this condition. Let’s make a difference.

I greatly appreciate your support, and I encourage you to participate in our online survey as we make efforts to gain a better understanding of effective treatment for our children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.

If you know of any good ADHD/ADD support groups or affiliates that may be interested in participating in my study by taking our online survey, please send me that information. I can be reached by phone at

864.429.1735 or email –

ashley@adhdsurvey. com

Again – Thank you for your help!


Ashley Lowe Senn

www.adhdsurvey. com

School Psychologist

Walden University Ph.D. Graduate Student

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