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Have you seen Jennifer Hudson’s new ad for Weight Watchers? Here it is:

I love that she talks about how her life used to be about “I Can’t” and now it is about “I Can”.

Do you do that with your ADHD?

See yourself as a deficit and a disorder?

Do you say “I Can’t” because you have ADHD?

We ADDers are really good at the negative self talk. After all, we have a “deficit” and a “disorder”.

But do we really?

Can we choose to look at ADHD in a positive light?

Yes. We Can.

Now I’m not saying that your life would be so much easier and so much better if you just changed your outlook. I know that there are legitimate things that we as ADDers struggle with, but we can find ways to compensate for many of them, learn to deal with others, and see some in a more positive frame of mind.

Are you continually starting projects and never finishing them? Or do you have so many great ideas that you’ve got a bunch of things going at once? Maybe you’re an excellent multi-tasker.

Do you talk too much or too fast? Or are you so eager to share with the world and those around you that you get carried away?

What if you were daydreaming and forgot an important appointment? But what if your daydream solved an important problem? Would it be OK for you to forget to pick your husband up from work if while you were daydreaming you found a cure for cancer? (OK, maybe a little far fetched, but not as much as you think.)

There have been, and are, amazing people with ADHD who have accomplished amazing things. Some of them (you?) haven’t given their light a chance to shine because they think they can’t.

You Can.

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Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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