Eat Nourishing Food; Your Brain Will Thank You

Eat Nourishing Food; Your Brain Will Thank You

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Food, Nourishment, and Your Brain?

Most of us, when we think of nourishment, think of our bodies. We want our bodies to be healthy and strong.

But what good is a strong healthy body without a healthy brain?Eat Nourishing Food; Your Brain Will Thank You

Your brain needs good healthy food in order to function at it’s best.

That makes perfect sense when you think about it.

But most of us really don’t think of our brains that way.

ADHD Brains

Those of us with ADHD tend to look at our brains as sort of damaged goods.

It can’t pay attention, it wanders too much, thinks too many things at the same time.

Sometimes it makes us look dumb, but we secretly think it’s smart. It just doesn’t like to show off.

Nourishing Self Esteem

You know, when you think about it, we beat ourselves up on a regular basis.

Our bodies are too this or not enough that, and then there’s that ADHD brain of ours.

No wonder we have low self esteem.

Have you heard about those studies they did with plants?

Some were told nice things and others were told mean things. Otherwise, they were taken care of just the same.

The ones who got compliments grew and thrived; the ones who were told not so nice things withered, failed to grow, or just died.


What was that you were saying about yourself again?

Nourishment doesn’t have to be just food, you know.

But Let’s Talk Food

It makes perfect sense that your body and your brain will respond best to healthy food.

We’ve all seen the studies and the articles about how too much sugar is bad for you, or how you should avoid “white” foods because they’re just empty calories. No soda (buh bye Diet Coke!), no preservatives, etc.

And we know by now what “healthy” food looks like.

Or do we?

You can’t trust labels all the time.

My dad had a heart condition and had to have low sodium foods. I thought I was pretty smart, reading the labels and buying ones that said “low sodium”.

That was until the dietician made a house call.

I learned a lot from her, and one was that labels can be misleading.

And I hate to have to say it, but if it has a label, it’s most likely processed, and that’s generally not a good thing.

Ideally, you want to shop the outside of the grocery store. (But you knew that, too.)

That means fresh produce, meat and dairy, and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Your Cheat Sheet for Brain Health

I know what it’s like to have to read labels.

Having Celiac disease, I have to read the label of anything that goes in or on my body. Yes, stuff like body wash and lip balm too.

It’s a pain.

So here’s your easy cheat sheet for buying and eating for brain health:

color, nourishing food, brain

The more colorful your food, the healthier it is for you and your brain. (Skittles and Froot Loops don’t count.)

Oh, and two more things:

  1. Lean protein
  2. Plenty of water

For instance, this morning I made a smoothie for breakfast:

  • A banana
  • Some blueberries
  • Some frozen mixed berries
  • Plant based protein powder
  • Tangerine juice (100% juice)

That’s perfect! (Plus I had a glass or two of water earlier.)

How Does That Work in Real Life?

I mean, sure, a smoothie for breakfast, but you can’t exist on smoothies.

No, but you can work on getting lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet, add some lean protein and a water bottle, and you’re on your way to better brain health!

And a healthier brain means one that functions better, making your life easier.

A Side Note or Two

Exercise, in addition to healthy food, will make your brain jump up and down and thank you twice.

And although I find it sort of odd, it’s easier somehow to eat right and get some exercise when you’re doing it for your brain.

Maybe it’s because your brain doesn’t need to fit into a smaller pair of jeans, I don’t know.

All I do know is that when I do it for brain health instead of looks, I find it much easier to do.

And if you could use some extra help, there are plenty of free checklists and planning sheets in the Resource Library.

It’s free. Just sign up below.



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