Is Your Brain Ripe Enough?

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2014-08-26 18.57.27Have you ever heard of your brain being ripe?

Me either.

But Stephanie Rodriguez, the “brains” behind a new product called Noggin Nosh knows all about your brain and what’s good for it. And she’s put it into the most delicious bars that you have ever tasted. Ever.

Stephanie is a former school psychologist and mom to 3. She has always wanted a healthy snack alternative for her kids, preferably one that would help with cognition. And after a lot of hard work and research, she has succeeded.

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Stephanie very kindly sent me some Noggin Nosh bars to try but you should know that the opinions are my own.

Since I have a lot to say about Noggin Nosh, I thought I would just give you a list of why I like them. That way, there’s not so much to read. 😉

I love Noggin Nosh bars because:

    They are delicious!

The Cacao flavor is like eating a fudge filled brownie that’s good for you.

They are gluten free! Yay!

Noggin Nosh is full of good things for your brain and your body.

They do not contain anything bad like artificial anything, high fructose corn syrup, or bad ingredients hidden by healthy sounding names like agave nectar. All ingredients are natural and organic.

Noggin Nosh is the result of much careful research and is designed for optimal brain function.

It is the first bar to include DHA and EPA, both of which affect your brain and your mood. Research has shown that nutrition is linked to both mood and brain function.

Noggin Nosh is for everybody, but is especially good for people who have ADHD, Autism, and depression.

The original flavor – which is really good – was intentionally made to look beige. This reflects the fact that people with Autism often choose beige foods.

Noggin Nosh is free of gluten, casein, sugar, soy, peanut, food coloring, preservatives, and additives.

You can purchase Noggin Nosh directly through their website. I also encourage you to take some time to look over the whole site as there is a lot more information there.

Finally, if you know a child or teen with ADHD, Autism, or mood disorders, they may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial which includes free Noggin Nosh bars. See the site for details.

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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