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My daughter is here visiting for a few days. She’s staying with us and attending a concert in Chicago while she’s here.

This morning we were chatting, and more than once I would say something to her (or ask her a question) and she would say “We talked about this last night mom. Don’t you remember?”.

Truthfully, I don’t. I have that problem a lot. I’ve turned into one of those people who tell the same story over and over, not knowing I had already told it.

And I don’t remember things that people tell me sometimes. Usually it’s trivial stuff – like when I asked my daughter who cuts her hair and it turned out that was one of the things I’d asked the night before.

To my credit, I do remember the big stuff. Sarah is having some troubles at work right now, and trying to make a big decision. we’ve had several conversations about that, and I do remember those.

I think my ADHD is partly to blame. As ADDers, we all have issues with memory, especially short term memory. And if we’re distracted or our minds are wandering – that is, we’re not paying attention – then it becomes very easy to miss out on information all together or to simply forget it.

Do you have problems remembering too, or is it just me?

Did I ask you that already?

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