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Do you tell anyone that you have ADHD? And if so, who do you tell and why?

That can be a really touchy subject.

Of course everyone knows I have ADHD 🙂 but most people don’t announce it to the extent that I do.

In general, I don’t think that it’s anyone’s business whether or not you have ADHD. And there are people who either don’t believe that it exists or who feel that you use it as an excuse.

Of course I think your spouse or significant other should be aware of your ADHD. It’s part of who you are and they need to understand it in order to understand you better.

I think it’s OK to let your kids know, too. Of course, in my family we all have ADHD so that’s not an issue. But in families where there are both ADD and non ADD people, it can be a problem. Even your children may filter their opinion of you through the lens of ADHD.

But what about extended family or friends or co-workers? What about your boss?

Do you tell? Or not?

In general, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, and I would be especially careful about disclosing too much at work.

So do you tell? Who do you tell and why?

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