Hormones and ADHD

Hormones and ADHD

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There are very few times in your life when hormones won’t play a part.

They come into play in adolescence as we begin to mature. That whole process can last for quite a while as I’m sure you know.

Your monthly cycles will cause a fluctuation in your hormone levels, as will pregnancy and the process of menopause.

Men go through similar hormonal changes, although not as many and not as often.

Hormones and ADHD

All of these fluctuations in your hormone levels can change your ADHD symptoms.

You may find some, like anger or forgetfulness, will get worse. And yes, anger can be a part of having ADHD, although I wouldn’t necessarily call it a symptom. It’s not something that practitioners look for when diagnosing ADHD, but it can be present.

Hyperactivity may increase or decrease, depending on what season of life you are in.

As you approach a certain age, you may even begin to wonder if the symptoms you are experiencing are age related. That’s possible, but don’t overlook your ADHD.

In fact, scientists are starting to look at ADHD medications for women who do not have it but are going through menopause and experiencing forgetfulness, fuzzy thinking, and an inability to concentrate.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

So what can you do to fight back against these hormonal attacks?

First, determine when they occur.

If it’s related to your monthly cycles, you can plan around them. If you’re forgetful or not focused during this time, don’t plan important projects then; get them done earlier or postpone them.

Be aware that depression may worsen during these times.

During pregnancy, you may have to do the best you can to cope. You may not be taking your ADHD medications at this time, so you need to find other ways to accomplish what you need to do. You may need to write things down more, or set reminders, or even get someone to help you.

If you’re in any stage of menopause, talk to your doctor. Hormone replacement therapy may help. Be absolutely positive to choose the plant based bio identical option. (I’m not a medical professional, but this was the advice I was given by my doctor.)

Finally, be sure to consult the professional who prescribes your ADHD medication. They may have suggestions as well.

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