It’s A Dinner Revolution!

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You know sometimes I write about meal preparation and the importance of a good balanced diet. Those things may not seem to be related to ADHD but they really are.

A good diet is essential for maintaining your body and brain health. A healthier brain functions better and if you’re making sure to include lean protein fairly often, it can help your ADHD symptoms as well.

And as far as meal planning and preparation goes, well, that can be a challenge for us. We’re not good at planning ahead in general đŸ™‚ and when you think about all of the steps involved in planning meals for a family for a week, it can get overwhelming.

Lucky for you there is a solution.

Enter Chef Jeff and his Dinner Revolution! Chef Jeff makes “Healthy and modern recipes made simply with 10 ingredients or less in under 30 minutes”.

Dinner Revolution

Wow. Simple and healthy and quick. What more could you ask for?

Well Chef Jeff is feeling generous.

Right now, for a limited time, he’s giving away his cookbook priced at $27. He’s already given me a copy so I know how good it is.

Honestly, this book is so big that I only had a chance to go through about 20 or so recipes. But I can tell you, I will cook each and every one of them, and that is a huge deal for me, especially since I didn’t have to pay for it!

And neither do you.

Just visit this special link to get your copy.

Oh, while I was at Chef Jeff’s site looking around I noticed that he has some other books for sale. I liked “The Grocery Store Savings Guide” and the “Dinner Menu Planner”.

Once you’ve found out how good his cookbook is, you might want to check those out. I know I will!

Note: I was not paid to write this review. The only compensation I got was a free cookbook, which you can also receive by following the link. The praise that I give to this book is well deserved. If not, I would not have written this article.

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