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You may have noticed this new logo on my site.

The logo belongs to doTERRA Essential Oils. I have used essential oils in the past for things like headaches and calming or relaxing; I recently found an oil that I am using for my ADHD. More on that in a later post.

The doTERRA logo on my site links to my doTERRA store. I am now an independent product consultant because I like their products a lot and can now get them at a reduced price.

The training that I receive from doTERRA in terms of education about essential oils will be shared on my sites if it relates to ADHD or some of it’s symptoms.

This blog will not turn into an endless sales pitch on doTERRA and essential oils. I promise.

If I talk about essential oils, the links will go to my online store. If I talk about essential oils, it will be because I have found out something useful as it pertains to ADHD and want to share it. That’s still my purpose here – to share what I know about ADHD and to help you learn to manage your life and symptoms more effectively.

I will balance posts about essential oils with my other posts. I try to cover each category equally. To me, this is just one more tool that might be helpful for those of us with ADHD.

And as always, you are always free to take what I say or leave it. We are all different and what works for me may not work so well for you.

That’s it. I’ll be back tomorrow with more about ADHD. What would you like to know?

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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