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As ADDers, we have some challenges when it comes to organizing. If we put it away, we sometimes forget about it (and buy another one). And if we leave it out in plain sight so we’ll remember (our favorite plan, not to mention so easy!) it gets covered by the 473,981 things we left out not to forget and then we can’t find it (and go out and buy another one).

Do you see the problem here?

Actually, as I look around my house, I see the problem here and here and there.

I am a fan of what my son Andy calls blogs about shelves. In truth, they are home decor blogs written by real women about their own homes. There are so many talented people out there!

I found a new blog today that I wanted to share with you because there is an excellent and inspiring post about organizing your home. Don’t be misled by the title – it’s called Fun with Filing, but there are a lot of great ideas there. I suspect there are a lot more inspiring posts in this particular blog, but as soon as I saw this one, I had to share.

The blog is called Centsational Girl and it’s written by Kate, who is a full time mom and part time attorney. She is definitely way too organized to be ADHD, but she sure can teach a thing or two.

Pop on over to her blog and see what you think.

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