Are your kids back in school yet? Around here, school starts on Wednesday. My daughter and I were saying just this afternoon what a shame it was that the last few days of summer vacation have been so dreary. We’ve had a number of very strong storms in the last several days, and it’s been raining almost non-stop since Saturday.

In my mind, no matter when school actually starts, it never really feels like school until after Labor Day. That means that there’s time for one last bit of fun before we get back into the rat race of school, homework, conferences, meetings, and after school activities.

Now, no one should need an excuse to have a little family fun, but in case you do, here’s my reasoning:

Having one last summer fun event doesn’t have to be a big deal, it just has to be fun. Take some cues from your kids – ask them what they would like to do – and while you’re at it, see if you can’t muster up a little childlike enthusiasm yourself. Here are some ideas to get you started:

You’ve got about 2 weeks until Labor Day; go out and have some fun!

Tell me what you think!

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