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You know, people are always complaining about how their ADD brain works – they’ve got too many things on their mind, they’re always jumping from here to there.

But with a little practice, you can learn to use those same ADD tendencies to your advantage. Here’s an example:

I make “dinner” every day at lunch time for my family. My husband works afternoons, and if any of the kids are around, noon is the most likely time to find them, so we have our big meal of the day then. I also drink lots and lots of tea. My family is from the south, and we like our iced tea, so I always have some on hand.

Today, I’m rushing around making lunch, making the spinach filling for the chicken and the dessert at the same time cause they both have ricotta in them. I’ve got the chicken breasts thawing in the microwave while I sharpen the knife to cut a pocket in them. Out to the deck for fresh basil for the chicken and the soup we’re having.

I check real quick to see if we have tea, and the pitcher looks low. Good thing I remembered to brew some more early this morning.

Chicken in the oven, pasta in microwave for my son, start on the soup – a cold gazpacho. All the while I’m doing this, I’m thinking. This is multi-tasking, otherwise known as “easily distracted, can’t stay on task” if you have ADD. (And it would make a good post, which I’m writing in my head as I cook.)

See, it’s multi-tasking when you can pull it off. If you can’t, it’s cause you have ADD. The truth is we’re good at this, if we would only let ourselves be good at it. Stop looking at it from the negative “I have ADD” lens, and start looking at it with the “look at all I can do cause I have ADD” lens. Much better picture.

Go ahead. Work your ADD.

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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