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As I mentioned earlier today, there are some changes going on at ADD Moms and ADD Student.

I plan to take things in a slightly different direction in the future, and for that reason (and others) I am clearing out many of the products I currently have to offer.

For a limited time, you can get the following 4 products (a value over $100) for $20. That’s what? 80% savings?

I am only selling 20 of these, so if you’re interested, act now!

Here’s what you get:

EDITED 8/7/10
The ADHD Diet This is the diet for managing ADHD that eventually became the Natural ADHD Diet. While it is intended for those who want to manage their ADHD without medication, it can be used by those who take medication as well. What you put into your body affects all parts of you, including your brain. This book alone is worth the price of the package!

MED FREE WITH ADD This is the entire program that originated with the ADHD Diet. In addition to what foods to eat and what supplements to take, this also includes lifestyle changes, recipes, and a Quick Start Guide. This alone is worth more than $20!

12 Week ADHD Coaching Program This is a program designed to help parents coach their ADHD children through 12 weeks of basic skills like time management, organization, life skills and managing ADHD, and study skills. It can be adapted for adults. The original program included feedback from me; I will do my best to provide you with that when you purchase this program.

Back to School with ADHD This is an ebook with tips and ideas to take you through the school year from start to finish. It includes a parent-teacher meeting template that shows you how to schedule your own meeting as soon as school starts (not 6 weeks later) and take charge of your child’s education. This alone is a valuable resource!

Parenting Your ADHD Teen If you’re the parent of an ADHD teen, bless you. If you’re not there yet, well… best to be prepared. All teens have risk factors – drugs, alcohol, even driving is risky. For ADHD teens, the risks are multiplied. This report summarizes the risks that ADHD teens face and tells you, as a parent, how to handle them.

And whether you buy or not, thank you for being here.

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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