Who’s Your Tribe? Do You Know?

Who's Your Tribe_ Do You Know_

  What is a Tribe? I’m sure you’ve heard the word “tribe” before, but do you really know what it means? And more importantly, do you have one? Who’s in your tribe? Merriam-Webster defines a tribe as a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest We, as ADD women, could be considered […]

Is ADHD Ruining Your Love Life?

Is ADHD Ruining Your Love Life?

Does ADHD Affect Your Love Life? If your love life isn’t what you would like it to be, especially if this has been sort of a life long thing, have you stopped to wonder if it’s your ADHD? Could your ADHD be ruining your intimate relationships? Short answer? Maybe. How Does ADHD Affect Your Relationships? […]

Simplify Your Social Life

Do you have a big social life? Sometimes our social lives ebb and flow, depending on the season of our life. For instance, when our children were small, we had quite an active social life. There were family get togethers, time spent with friends, and play dates. As the kids got older, there were school […]