4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

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Could Your Memory Use Some Improvement?

I know mine could.

I did some research and I’ve come up with 4 ways that you can improve your memory.

As women with ADHD, our working memory is poor at best. That’s just a scientific fact, but when you add in what our days are like, and everything that we have to do (and remember), it’s not surprising that we struggle.4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

And I don’t know about you, but most of the time, I’m remembering for two: me and my husband. And when my dad was alive – well, remembering for three is almost impossible!

4 Memory Boosting Tips

So, here are four ways that you can work on improving your memory. And just so you know, there are others; I just thought I’d keep it simple.

Get Some Sleep!

Getting more sleep seems to be the solution for practically everything, doesn’t it? And yet, it’s easier said than done.

Most of us go to bed later than we should, and then, once we get in bed, we often find ourselves unable to fall asleep because of racing thoughts.

I’ve got a lot of ideas on getting to sleep; it’s a whole post in itself. Here’s the short version:

  • Turn off the electronics and keep them out of your bedroom
  • Do something relaxing, like mediation, yoga, reading, or even daydreaming
  • Keep a brain dump of everything on your mind so maybe it will stay out of your thoughts when you go to bed
  • Try an herbal remedy. I like a combination of valerian and passion flower.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is good for you on so many levels; you really need to find a way to make it a part of your life.

If joining a gym isn’t your thing, try just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

Anything you can do to keep your blood flowing improves your focus and concentration and helps improve your memory, too.

I’ve been thinking about taking boxing lessons for a few years now, but I think it’s more about wanting to punch something than anything else.

Check Your Vitamin D Levels

Like a lot of us, especially in the northern hemisphere, you might be low in vitamin D.

Don’t make an assumption and just buy some vitamins. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to scary things, like a greater risk of dementia.

The first time I had mine tested, it was so low that the doctor put me on an intensive dose for a week or so to bring my levels up.

Increase Your Chocolate Intake (Yay!)

I’m talking dark chocolate here, not my Snickers bars.

Dark chocolate (cocoa is included here) has flavonoids that benefit your brain and help improve your memory. You want 70% cacao or more.

You can read more about this delicious idea in this article from Healthline.

A Few Ways to Help Your Memory

Even if you implemented all of these ways to improve your memory, it would probably take some time for them to take effect.

So in the meantime, here are a few ways to help your memory out:

  • Take notes! I once knew an older woman who kept a couple of very small notebooks in her purse. She had been keeping them for years! One was for every visit to the doctor that she and her husband made, along with their medications. And the second one was the same thing – for the dog! You may not need to go to those extremes, but you can utilize the note app on your phone more often. Or you can download my printable here.don’t forget
  • Set alarms. Once again, use your phone. It’s capable of giving you a reminder based on the day, time, or even your location. You’ve just got to figure it out and then set it.
  • Routines and habits are worth their weight in gold. I used to forget to take my medication at night until I put it by my toothbrush. What’s something you forget all the time? Now find a habit to tie it to and you’ve got your problem solved.
  • I know this kind of runs contrary to everything we should be doing as women with ADHD, but sometimes leaving something out will trigger a reminder for you. (Yes, I know. We leave everything out.) We have a water delivery service at our house, so every other Monday night I put the bottles out by the front door for the morning. And our recycling gets picked up on the opposite Monday, so I can always tell if it’s recycling week by the amount of full water bottles we have.

Now if someone could just figure out how I can remember whether or not I put sweetener in my tea.


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