As women with ADHD, it’s easy for us to neglect our health. We forget appointments and important self care, and we procrastinate about going to the doctor.

We can’t afford to be this casual about our health.

A couple of weeks ago my 22 year old daughter Caitlin found out that the cyst removed from her ovary was actually a malignant tumor. This came just 4 weeks after a similar surgery to remove a cyst in the same place. Thank goodness that she was diligent about her health, despite her ADHD.

Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of my mom’s death from cancer, and today I am going for my annual mammogram.

I should point out that I saw my doctor in January and was supposed to schedule the mammogram then. Six months later, I finally got around to it.

If my daughter, who is young and healthy, can develop a significant sized tumor in four weeks, imagine what can happen in six months.

Don’t waste another minute. Really. If it’s been too long since your last checkup or mammogram, go make the appointment now.

And in the meantime, remember to do your self exam.

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