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Lisa Sonora Beam is one of my favorite authors/bloggers/creative geniuses. I went out and bought her book, “The Creative Entrepreneur” the minute I heard about it.

A few days ago I re-read one of her posts about creating a mini journal and it occurred to me that it was relevant for ADD Moms, too.

In the post, Lisa talks about the importance of completing what you start, and she says that a mini journal is an excellent way to both start and finish something.

Read this quote from her post and tell me you don’t recognize yourself in it:

We are simply not taught how to start and finish things.

In our hyper-charged, fast-paced world, it’s easy to get distracted, too busy, and sidetracked from our projects.

The nature of the creative process is that we typically start projects with a great deal of momentum fueled by sheer inspiration.

But what if we’re not inspired?

What if we don’t know what to do next?

What if *life happens* and our project gets put on the back burner? Again.

Now of course, Lisa is talking about creative projects, but the same is true of just about anything that we need to do.

I highly recommend that you read Lisa’s post and then find your own mini project to start and complete.

Make a mini journal if that appeals to you. If not, try something else.

Maybe you can clean out one drawer or your purse. Or maybe you could write a thank you note or pay a bill or organize all the bookmarks on your computer.

Just make sure that whatever you choose is quick to complete, something you usually don’t complete, and maybe even enjoyable.

Oh, and make sure you complete it. 🙂

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