5 Products to Help You Speed Through Dinner Prep

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Sometimes making dinner can be a chore. Especially if you’ve worked all day or been especially busy. And sometimes what’s for dinner is a last minute question. My mom was a genius when it came to that. I found myself in the grocery store checkout line most late afternoons.

As an ADD Mom, you need to eat a healthy diet in order to better manage your ADHD symptoms. And feeding your family a healthy dinner that focuses on real foods and not prepared ones just makes good sense.

I’m a big fan of made from scratch meals because they typically contain good food without the preservatives and chemicals in processed food.

Here are 5 food products that are good for you and will help you speed through dinner prep:

1. A rotisserie chicken from the deli. You can do so much with a roasted chicken. You can serve it as is, shred it for tacos or chicken salad, or use it in a green salad. If you care to, you can even save the carcass and boil it with some carrots and celery for homemade stock. Not a bad deal for about 5 bucks.

2. Frozen mashed potatoes. These might be hard to find, but they’re almost always available around Thanksgiving. They now have them in the refrigerated case – Bob Evans are the best! The best ones just have potatoes in them, without milk, butter or salt. Microwave them til they’re hot and mix in your own butter, salt and milk. Well worth the time they save you. Pair it with that rotisserie chicken and dinner’s almost done!

3. Pre-washed salad greens. I prefer the organic ones in the plastic tub. (Hint: add a paper towel or two in the top and bottom to absorb extra moisture.) I think sometimes the ones in the plastic bag taste like the bag. Add a tomato or two and maybe a cucumber and you have a nice dinner salad to go with the chicken and mashed potatoes.

4. Frozen chopped onions. Nothing but onions already chopped for you and frozen. Way easier than fresh and just as good. Any kind of minced garlic, however, seems to lose it’s flavor. It wouldn’t be my first choice.

5. Frozen cooked rice. I don’t know about you, but every time I try to cook rice, I end up making a mess. It boils over on the stove and leaves a starchy residue there and on the pot. Plus it takes some time to cook – especially brown rice. Precooked frozen rice is more expensive than buying just the rice, but to me, the extra price is worth it.

There you have it. 5 food products that save time and are good for you.

Know what else will save you time and is good for you?

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