“Tis the Season

social situations adhd add womanNow is probably the busiest time of year for social interactions, whether that means office Christmas parties, a cookie exchange at a friend’s house, or meeting a few people for dinner.

And if you ask me, they’re all hell.

There needs to be a way to survive social situations easily.

Call me a Grinch, but I just don’t like social situations. I’m not very comfortable with them.

All the Socially Acceptable Reasons

As people with ADHD, we can have trouble with social situations. And it doesn’t seem to matter if the event is with people we know or not.

Here are a few ADHD things going on:

Get Me Out of Here!

No, this is not where I tell you how to make a quick but graceful exit. Sorry.

You need to learn this stuff.

Here’s what I wish I knew in high school:

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