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Wow. Are you pulling out your credit card right now wondering where you can buy such a thing? Something to organize your whole life? Gotta get that!

Well the good news is that such a thing does exist.

The Life Organizer is a book, a system, a new way of living and looking at your life. It was created by one of my favorite authors Jennifer Louden. The book is full of beauty and insight and questions to make you think, to make you look at your life differently.

Note: This is an old picture. The new cover (and CD!) is orange.

I have owned this book for years, and like so many other things in my life, I have started it and then abandoned it somewhere along the way. That’s a reflection of my ADD personality, not The Life Organizer.

Things have been especially tough lately and I found that Jennifer Louden’s Life Organizer was just what I needed.

Here is an excerpt from her website. See if it describes you:

Bliss is a day in which you have nothing to do but your own creative and spiritual explorations—paint on your hands, heart in the clouds. Only that day rarely arrives. You never feel like you have enough time to get things done, let alone time to do things you enjoy – and sometimes it’s hard to remember what those are. You keep waiting for that big swath of time to arrive. And waiting…

And here is a quote from the actual book that I just had to share:

We are making it up as we go along – and this is critical to remember, because it will feel like that, and that’s perfectly normal.

I have a sneaking suspicion that all of those people who live their lives solely on their planners are missing a lot, and those of us who wish we were that “together” would suffocate in such a life.

Jennifer Louden describes The Life Organizer as

…a series of instructions to help you loosen the grip, enjoy yourself more while tending your multiple interests and connections.

To me, that sounds absolutely perfect.

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