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31 Day Challenge: Day 14

Did you ever read a tip, and then see the same tip over and over again and still not quite get it?

That happened to me today.

It’s a concept that I’ve actually written about myself and a tip that I’ve seen over and over. It’s even one that I have tried to use in the past.

Today I saw that tip again and it just hit me. Of course!

Now I have to say that the time before when I tried to use this tip, I was using a planner that did not work for me and I didn’t fully participate in the actual implementation of it. In other words, I sort of did it when I felt like it and pretty much ignored it most of the time.

Ready for it?

If it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get done.


Now most people would take that to mean things like going to the dentist, making a note to call someone, or even noting spending time with a friend for lunch.

That’s where we trip up.

Everything on your to do list needs to be added to your calendar by date and time. Everything.

I have been looking over my home lately and noticing what needs to be done. Unlike most people who do spring cleaning, I think it makes more sense to clean at the end of summer because the house has been open all season and people have been in and out. A good cleaning before you have to keep it closed up tight makes sense to me.

At my house, almost all of the closets need to be cleaned out and straightened and in general I need to get rid of some stuff and find homes for others.

That’s been on my to do list for weeks and I have gotten some of it done.

But I’ve been doing it in typical ADHD fashion; when I felt like doing it.

It’s getting done, but not in an orderly fashion. More of a haphazard manner.

Now imagine I take out my planner and look for some free time. I think all of us, regardless of how busy we are, can find a few hours here and there to work on your home.

So let’s say I find a few time slots. I schedule my cleaning for those times and then I do it. That’s the hard part – doing it.

But when you’ve planned ahead and know you have the time, hopefully it will make it easier for you to get to it.

Here’s a picture or two from Cassie at Back to Her Rootz. This is the planner page she created for herself to use and the other shows how she uses it.



Source: Back to Her Rootz
Back to Her Rootz

Now Cassie has her daily tasks included in this printable, but she offers a blank one for free that you can print for yourself.

Do you see how you could use this to schedule in the tasks on your to do list?

Hopefully you have a planner that has pages like this.

If not, there are plenty of free sources for pages like this for you to print yourself.

Cassie doesn’t even use them in a planner; she prints a week at a time and uses them on a clipboard.

Personally I need the monthly view and my to do list as well, so a planner works best for me.

What do you think? Could this work for you?

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