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31 Day Challenge: Day 25


I had my first two children while I was attending college full time. They were 16 months apart.

Yes. We will not discuss my planning skills at this time.

What those years taught me was to use every second of time that I had available.

They taught me to love long lines at the drive through at the bank because I could sneak in some studying while I still had them captive.

It also taught me about the magic of those tiny pockets of time.

All of us, regardless of how busy, have small pockets of time sprinkled throughout our days.

Time spent waiting in line, on the phone, or in a waiting room. Time waiting for the water to boil, or something to be delivered, or someone to arrive.

Learn to put those bits of time to use.

It doesn’t matter if you have 15 minutes or 5. If you just have a minute spent waiting for something else, you could scan the area and toss any trash you see. You can dig the garbage out of your purse in a minute or two at a long light or drive through. You could use some wait time to make your meal plan for the following week.

I often clean out my car in such moments. I keep those horrible plastic bags from the store in my car and then use one to gather up any wrappers or receipts left in the car.

You know, as ADDers, I find that we are bad about taking things completely through to completion. We often leave projects 95% done because it just needs a little bit more to finish, it won’t take much time, and I could spend that time more importantly on a new project.

Am I the only one or was it when you decided to put your house up for sale that those little things got done?

The painters tape that was out of my reach and had been there for 10 years. The small bits of baseboard molding removed when you redid the tile that finally got put back in place permanently.

When you got your home ready for the market, it was finally the one you had dreamed it could be.

Was that just me, or can you relate too?

Give it a try. You’ll be amazed what you can get done in a just a minute or three.

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