Cluttered Mess: Tips for Organizing Beauty Products

Four open storage bins are neatly organized with makeup products, including lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette.

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Taming the clutter of your beauty products is intimidating for individuals with ADHD. But once you manage the mess, you will feel a sense of peace and control in your daily routine. Let’s explore creative and practical strategies for organizing beauty products.

Tip #1: Find a Convenient Location for Your Setup

There are several ways to ensure your beauty products are on display, organized, and easy to access. Most people place their setup in the bathroom for ultimate convenience.

Others have a dedicated vanity or makeup mirror for a clutter-free surface area. Whichever you choose, this specialized space will make every step of your makeup and skin-care routine enjoyable.

Tip #2: Group Items Together

Grouping similar items together can make your beauty routine more efficient and less stressful. Separate your products into categories, such as skin care, makeup, and hair care. Within each category, you can further organize by type of product or even the brand. By keeping like items together, you reduce the need to hunt through piles of products and maintain a more orderly space.

Tip #3: Add Labels for Enhanced Organization

Labeling is your best friend when it comes to staying organized. Putting your products back requires little to no thought when labels are in place. Moreover, labels are especially useful when figuring out how to introduce new products to your routine.

I’ve found that clearly marked sections help me integrate new items seamlessly without disrupting my existing organization system. This way, I can maintain order and ensure that my beauty products remain easily accessible and in their designated spots.

Tip #4: Use Open Storage Solutions

Closed drawers can create an “out of sight, out of mind” issue for people with ADHD. The lack of visual cues can cause individuals to forget about certain items, leading to wasted time searching or even rebuying products.

Consider using open storage solutions rather than closed ones. Open trays, baskets, and shelves allow you to see all your products without having to open drawers or lids. This visual accessibility keeps your routine smooth and efficient.

Tip #5: Regularly Dispose of Products

Maintain a minimalist setup to avoid clutter and create a more organized space. Begin by evaluating all your belongings and keeping only those you use regularly and truly enjoy. Discard anything you no longer need or that doesn’t serve you well, freeing up space for essentials. This approach maintains a cleaner, more efficient environment and fosters a more focused and stress-free mindset.

Organizing your beauty products and erasing the cluttered mess is difficult with ADHD. With a little effort, you’ll have an accessible area that streamlines your beauty regimen.

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