3 Tips To Stay Organized During a Home Renovation

3 Tips To Stay Organized During a Home Renovation

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We all deserve to create homes that we love. For many of us with ADHD, an extended renovation project can be so demanding that it’s not worth it. Don’t give up on your dream! My three tips to stay organized during a home renovation can help you make the project more manageable.

1. Create a Master To-Do List

Breaking down projects into bite-size pieces allows me to start and complete tasks sequentially rather than starting multiple at once and forgetting about them. Create your master list of tasks and their deadlines. Then, break those tasks into smaller, detailed, and manageable steps. Whether you’re choosing paint colors, scheduling contractor appointments, or finalizing design details, your master list will keep you on track and ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Here are some guidelines for creating the renovation to-do list:

  • Organize tasks by phase. Divide your renovation into planning, execution, and finishing touches phases for better manageability.
  • Include detailed tasks and deadlines. List every task, no matter how small, with its deadline to keep the project on track.
  • Assign responsibilities, and note who is responsible for each task, whether it’s you, a family member, or a contractor.
  • Estimate costs. Attach a budget estimate to each task to monitor spending and ensure the project stays within financial bounds.

2. Use Digital Management Tools

I love structured flexibility, and that’s what digital tools like Trello, Asana, or Evernote provide. You can use them in your everyday life for tasks like studying or managing workflows. You can also use them to organize your renovation project.

Let project management apps and software become your digital assistants to schedule tasks, set reminders, and share updates with family members and contractors. These workflow assistants provide a centralized platform where you can keep track of everything and access notes anytime and anywhere. This makes it easier to track what’s completed, what’s next, and any changes or decisions you need to make along the way.

3. Designate Storage Areas

Moving furniture around and dealing with an influx of building materials and tools can quickly lead to cluttered spaces. To prevent clutter from taking over, designate areas in your home for storing any household items displaced by the renovation. Consider setting aside a section of your garage, basement, or spare room where you can keep items out of the way but accessible if you need them.

If you need to free up space, you may wonder where you can store your stuff during the renovation. I like using vault storage when I don’t need to access the items until the end of the project. With this option, professional movers put your items in crates for storage. You’ll pay for space you use rather than an entire unit, and your stuff is more secure than in a self-storage warehouse!

Strategic planning makes it possible to stay organized during a home renovation project. By creating a detailed master to-do list, you can break down the renovations into manageable tasks. Digital management tools can help you keep track of progress and communicate with people involved in the project. Finally, designating storage areas inside or outside your home protects your belongings and keeps your home livable.

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