Clean Any Room in Five Minutes. Really?


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The other day on Pinterest I saw a pin from Kassondra at Motherhood Community about how she could clean any room in her home in 5 minutes. Not only that, but she could teach me too.

Of course I was intrigued. Who wouldn’t want to be able to clean a room in 5 minutes? At that rate I could get the whole house done in under an hour!


Yes Kassondra, please teach me!

Now I don’t doubt that Kassondra can do what she says and clean her rooms in 5 minutes.


What I doubt is our ability – you and I – to follow her example. I also doubt that Kassondra has ADHD, but that is none of my business. I only mention it because it does make a difference in being able to fully implement her system.

You see, Kassondra’s system is very specific.

And we women with ADHD tend to have more gray areas; things are not so black and white.

But Kassondra does have some very good ideas that we can learn from, and we can certainly try to follow her example as much as we can.

Here is the heart of Kassondra’s clean any room in 5 minutes plan: everything has a place. Everything. One place.

If you are holding a bobby pin in your hand and you are in the kitchen, you not only know that the bobby pin does not belong in the kitchen, you know exactly where it does belong. Like in the bathroom closet on the second shelf from the top in the little blue basket that holds small hair supplies like bobby pins and hair ties.

Not only that, but Kassondra has designated her rooms as to function. If you are in the playroom, you will play. You will not fold clothes or sort mail. Those things are done in other rooms.

By designating certain chores to certain areas of the house, Kassondra insures that nothing in the room does not belong there.

Everything in each room belongs in that room and has an exact place to be.

Wow. Goodbye clutter.

Here are some of Kassondra’s other thoughts on keeping a home clean:

  • Do it now – meaning clean up a spill or dirty spot as soon as you see it and
  • Do it often – don’t wait until a designated time to clean, pick up things as you go through the house

What do you think about Kassondra’s ideas? Could you do it?


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