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Are you getting spring fever? I know I am.

We’ve had a mild winter here (much appreciated in Chicagoland) and already there are signs of spring.

With spring, though, come a couple of things: spring cleaning and allergies.

And if you have allergies, you know that spring cleaning is important, but also likely to stir up your allergies big time.

There was a study in the news today about how children who have breathing or sleep problems as toddlers may go on to be diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety or to have behavior problems. The researchers say that they can’t definitively link the two, but there is a relationship there.

So what’s this got to do with cleaning your bedroom?


Everyone functions better on a good night’s sleep. And if you have ADHD or anxiety, enough sleep is especially important to help your brain function at it’s best.

And you can’t sleep well in a stale bedroom. (I’m trying to be nice here. I know you don’t sleep in a pig sty, but if it’s been a while since you’ve deep cleaned your bedroom, then maybe you should. I speak from experience; we just cleaned ours a couple of weeks ago.)

So anyway, get some help if you can and take a Claritin or something, and then begin.

Vacuum the floors, including under the bed. (Guess what? There has been nothing under my bed for 3 weeks! Before, there were books, and bins and shoes and who knows what. It’s kind of nice.)

Oh, you should probably dust before you vacuum. I always get that backwards.

And well, you know the rest.

Don’t forget the light fixtures and windows!

And one thing I absolutely recommend is Fabreeze Alergen Reducer. Spray it on your mattress and pillows while the sheets are in the washer. We noticed a difference at our house!

Just think how nice it would be to sink into this every night:

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