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I love binders. I really do. They’re so great at keeping papers neat and organized. (Oh and a close second to binders is the plastic pocket dividers that go in them.)

I have one for ADD Moms that I use as a planning tool for the coming year and that holds things I want to read or learn about.

I have another one just for Christmas. It has my Christmas card list, including addresses, a list of gift ideas, a super secret 😉 list of what I actually bought, and planning pages for the holiday meals.

Then yesterday when I was at Target I found these:


I love the size of this binder – it’s about 9″ x 6″ – and I also like the fact that it’s made of recycled materials. The color doesn’t hurt either. (Green is my favorite.)

I found some pocket dividers to go in it and some lined paper too. They also had dividers with tabs (but no pockets), some cute little clips that attach to the spine of the binder so you can color code them, and they had blank calendar/planner pages too.

This cute little binder is going to live on my desk next to my laptop. I’m going to use it for computer related things, like passwords, things I want to remember to do when I go online (do you ever do that? I have a list in my head of things I need to look up that just disappears the minute I turn the computer on.), and the most important thing of all – my bill paying cheat sheet.

My bill paying cheat sheet lists each bill in order of due date. For instance, the house payment gets listed first cause it’s due on the 1st of the month. Underneath the mortgage company’s name, I put contact information and our account number, followed by my login information for the website.

I also include the website address if it’s different than the company’s address. Some companies redirect you to another site for payment so I note that.

I’m sure I will find other uses for this cute binder as I use it. You could certainly make your own planner using it.

What would you use this binder for?

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