I’ve been thinking a lot lately about to do lists – specifically how to get from to do to done. I wish I could tell you that I’ve found the magic formula, but no, sorry. 🙁

I have come up with a few ideas and observations however.

First, writing a list is easy. It’s doing the things on the list that’s hard.

Forget prioritizing things in order of importance. Our brains don’t work that way. Besides if we really didn’t want to do the most important thing, we wouldn’t. You know it’s true.

Getting us to actually do anything on our to do list seems to fall into a few categories:

So the question remains: how do we get from to do to done?

I have a few suggestions that might work:

Realize that it took a long time for things to get to the state they are in and it won’t be corrected overnight. Small steps in a positive direction are all it takes!

Tell me what you think!

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