In Pursuit of the Perfect Pantry

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Pinterest can be evil at times.

They show you all these cute pictures of things, like this amazing pantry, and then make you think you can do the same to yours.


Today I spent a few hours cleaning out my pantry and reorganizing it. I even used some plastic bins and canisters for things.

I threw out a bunch of stuff, including some cranberry sauce from 2005, and then put everything back so that it’s easy to see and find.

It is not cute.

It is more organized but not cute.

Here is the before:


Pretty messy, right?

It gets that way with constant use.

My plan is to find a way to organize it so that things are easy to find and to get but also so that it stays pretty much organized without too much effort. I managed to do that with my junk drawer and the drawer that holds our serving utensils, but I’m not sure about something like this.

And here is the after:


You probably can’t tell from the picture, but I have put like things together to make it easier to find something. And I love the stacking shelf unit I got at Old Time Pottery to hold all of our cans. That alone makes a huge difference!

I think though, that in order to make it more like the cute ones on Pinterest, I’d have to take everything out of it’s container and put it in another one. Sounds expensive and time consuming.

Of course, this post was written literally as soon as I finished organizing, so I’ll have to see how it works in real life. I’ll keep you updated!

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