31 Days and 31 ways to simplify your life, whether or not you have ADHD :)
31 Days and 31 ways to simplify your life, whether or not you have ADHD 🙂


Do you have issues with your mail at your house?

Simplifying the Mail

I know I do. I’ve purchased a couple of different sorter kinds of things over the years in an effort to try and organize and contain the mail but they never work.

Mail and paper in general has to be one of the worst things I have to manage. I just can’t seem to find a way that works for me. It seems to pile up all over the house.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I have mail for 5 different people coming into the house and no one – except me – seems to take care of their papers. And with all of us having ADHD, we each have the tendency to leave things out so we won’t forget.

That never works.

I went out and bought folders for each member of the family so that they would have a place for their paperwork.

Did they use it?


Did I put it in the folder for them?

Yes. Until it got so big it wasn’t worth it anymore.

I’m not sure that I can give you a solution for other people’s mail, but I can at least help you in dealing with the general household stuff.

Here’s what I’ve got:

Right now, as I’ve said, the biggest issues for me are other people’s mail and the daily paper.

You’re probably too young to remember, but when computers started being a real thing that the average person might have, there was all this talk about turning into a paperless society.


They lied.

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