Spring Cleaning Challenge

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Spring officially arrived yesterday, Anybody feel it? I know I didn’t. It was below 20 degrees here yesterday; it was hard to feel anything.

Now that warmer weather is (supposed to be) arriving soon, it’s a good time to start clearing out the winter dust and clutter and get ready to open our (sparkling clean) windows and doors to the sunshine.

You know as ADD Moms we have a hard time keeping our homes the way we would like them to look. (Anyone else proud of themselves when they finally get around to sweeping and mopping the floors?)

To help us all out, I propose a Spring Cleaning Challenge.

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Here’s how it works:

Starting on Monday (and continuing pretty much until we get tired of it), I will post an article about a room to clean, some cleaning tips, or other great ideas related to getting our homes in order.

You follow along, and if you get inspired, join us to get your house ready for warm weather!

There’s nothing to sign up for and nothing to get in the mail. Just show up every Monday and participate.

Got a good idea to share? Be sure to leave a comment!

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