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Everybody collects excess stuff. As ADDers, we are extra good at that. 🙂

Unfortunately we’re not so good at keeping our stuff under control.

Someone I have known for a very long time (and who shall remain nameless) thinks that cleaning involves making neat piles of all of your stuff.

No. Piles are piles, neat or otherwise.

What we really need to do on a regular basis is sort through our stuff, keeping what we still want and use, throwing some away, and donating stuff that’s still usable.

Did you catch the part about “on a regular basis”? Yeah, who am I kidding?

We wait until things get so bad that we can’t stand it anymore and then we create an even bigger mess going through it all. By the time we’re done, we’re too tired to take anything to the trash or Goodwill. So then we end up with sorted piles.

Here is an idea that might help. You still kind of have to do it on a regular basis, but since it’s kind of random, it seems to work.

Get a cardboard box or a garbage bag or a laundry basket with a bag in it. Put it someplace where it’s not on display but still easy to get to. That might be the laundry room or a closet somewhere, or both. Don’t attempt to decorate with it. (That means get it out of sight.)

Now, the nest time you are doing laundry or getting dressed and you find something that doesn’t fit or that you don’t like, toss it in the convenient box nearby.

Somewhere along the way, the box will get filled up with things that are still useful, just not for you.

Then it’s a piece of cake to pop it in the car and drop it off at your favorite charity.

No mess, no frustration.

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