The Search for the Perfect Planner

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a few planners in your day, sometimes buying more than one each year.

The perfect planner will keep you perfectly organized and on time, right?

Well, that’s the thinking anyway.

The perfect planner has to fit the way we live our days and the things that we need to remember and do. I think that ideally, we each need to make our own. I did that last year, and while I like the planner I made, there are changes I would make.

I’m still trying to decide whether to come out with a Lifeskills Day Planner for 2013. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I wonder if the problem with the planners we try isn’t so much them as us. I think we expect the perfect planner to magically cause us to use it all the time.

And really, isn’t that the key to using any planner successfully? Consistent and constant use.

Here are some of the planners online that I’ve found that appeal to me; and yet, none of them seem worth the price tag for one reason or another.

Erin Condren These planners can be personalized and I love the color and creativity.

momAgenda offers pretty planners and space to add in your family’s activities.

Personal Planner is the ultimate in creating your own planner. You can choose almost everything – from size, to color, to what is on the page.

Franklin Planner has tons more stuff than they used to, and their planners have always been amazing. Be sure to click over to the organized parent tab for some great ideas. Worth a visit even if you’re not interested in a planner.

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