5 Things That Keep Me on Track

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Part of the adventure of ADHD is finding ways to manage the things that you need to in a way that works for you.

As you know, I’m a big fan of electronics, because they help take the place of my brain when it comes to remembering things.

Here are 5 tools that I rely on every day:

My cell phone:

Samsung Rant
Samsung Rant

In addition to making and receiving calls, I set alarms on my phone to remind me of things that I need to do on a regular basis, like take my fish oil at night.

My iPod Touch:

iPod Touch
iPod Touch

I have a ton of apps on my iPod that help me remember things like appointments, things I need to buy, and when I paid a bill. I list some of them below, but my iPod stores so much more: email addresses, log in information, diet info, and even meditations.

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

The two best things about the Google calendar is that I can access it from anywhere that has internet, and it syncs with my iPod, so I can enter something in either calendar and have it show in both places.



Evernote is available online and as an app for my iPod. It lets you remember anything: you can add notes, pictures, clips from webpages. You can even take a picture of something – a label on a wine bottle, or a whiteboard filled with information – and Evernote will let you search within the text on the picture. For me, it replaces all those random bits of paper.



Ziplist is also available online or as an iPod app. It lets you plan meals by searching recipes and adding them to your recipe box. It also keeps a shopping list for you, either by entering things you need to buy or by selecting a recipe. Selecting a recipe will put all of the ingredients you need on your list.

The other nice thing is that it will let you send that list to your cell phone, keep it on your iPod, or send it to someone else who’s doing the shopping for you.

These 5 things keep me on track every day. See if they might work for you, too.

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